Karina has been working in pre-school education since 1991, she is graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical Seminary in pre-school education and has pedagogical degree at Tallinn University. Karina started in Naba in 2006 as a teacher. Since autumn 2013 she is a director of Naba kindergarten.

In implementing the new learning approach, we are working so that children's learning experiences and teaching opportunities for teachers can be varied, so that the child is active, the activities are diverse and close, in order to take into account children's interest, differences, strengths and social ability. She supports that learning environment is everywhere where children are / are going.

For the MLO Project her tasks are organizing and managing the whole process.


Kristi is a CEO of Naba. She leads the entire company - both the kindergarten and the hobby school. She has been working in Naba since 2007. Her responsibilities are financial issues, contracting, communicating with clients, managing and developing kindergarten and hobby school.

For the MLO Project her tasks are budget control, organizing and managing events.


Kerli is a teacher. She has 13 years experience as kindergarten teacher. She graduated from the University of Tallinn, Bachelor in 2013 and Master's in 2015. MLO project and this kind of cooperation is her first experience.

For the MLO Project her tasks are communication with partners, children, parents, coworkers; practical workshops, videos and technical solutions.