This conference marks the end of the MLO project, that was born from an application to the programme of the European Union “Erasmus +”, to promote new educational strategies where the movement and the enjoyment of outdoor places are the key for the global development of children during preschool age.

Leaded by Torres Vedras Municipality, has as partners the Group of Schools Madeira Torres – Kindergarten and Basic School Conquinha, and the Faculty of Human Kinetics (Portugal), the Kindergarten Matije Gupca (Croatia), the Kindergarten Naba (Estonia), the NGO Playing (Greece) and the Queen Maud University College (Norway).

Over the two and a half years of the project, we have been looking over to contribute that our children have more opportunities of being happy. After training events, assessments about the use of the outdoor as a play space and meetings to discuss the results, it is time to share and spread, with as many people as we can, a methodology that can revolutionize and change the formal preschool education system:

  • A teacher’s training resources pack;
  • A manual of didactic resources of activities to be carried out with children;
  • A guide of orientations and recommendations for outdoor activities in preschool education.

We believe that the change from a school inside four walls to a school with a biggest connection with the outdoor and from leisure time based on tablets to leisure time lived with the family and in contact with nature will be a fundamental contribution in order to watch the growing process and the development of more healthy and happy children.