The “Moving and Learning Outside” International Conference on Education scheduled for 27 and 28 of March, in Torres Vedras, Portugal, was cancelled as a preventing measure due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

The event will be rescheduled for the second half of 2020, on a date yet to be defined.

Friday – 27th of March

8:00 am | Accreditation

9:00 am | Opening session
Carlos Bernardes, Mayor of Torres Vedras
Manuela Portela, Director of Erasmus + National Agency*
Luís Ribeiro, President of Childhood Education Professionals Association

Session 1 - Moderator: Laura Rodrigues (Torres Vedras Municipality, Portugal)
10:00 am
| Takaharu Tezuka (Tezuka Architects, Japan)
"The nostalgic future"

10:45 am | Q & A Session

11:00 am | Coffee break

Session 2 - Moderator: Rodrigo Ramalho (Torres Vedras Municipality, Portugal)
11:30 am
Rodrigo Ramalho (Torres Vedras Municipality, Portugal)
MLO - Moving and Learning Outside Project
The MLO project in the Kindergartens of:
- Conquinha I (Rosália Sanches - Portugal)
- Matije Gupca (Silvija Zlatar - Croatia)
- Naba (Kristi Lüüde - Estonia)
- Playing (Elida Kalpogianni - Greece)

12:30 am | Q & A Session

1:00 pm | Lunch break

Session 3 - Moderator: Ana Xavier (General Direction of Education, Portugal)
2:30 pm
| Ellen Sandseter (Queen Maude University College, Norway)
"Risky Play in early childhood"

3:15 pm | Q & A Session

3:30 pm | Anne Martin (Institute for Health and Wellbeing - University of Glasgow, Scotland)
"Physical activity guidelines for young children: Is there evidence for recommending outdoor active play?”

4:00 pm | Aida Figueiredo (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
“Invisible Limits Project”

4:30 pm | Q & A Session

5:00 pm | Closing of the first day


Saturday – 28th of March

Session 4 - Moderator: João Couvaneiro (Almada Municipality, Portugal)
9:30 am
| Marianne Mannello (Play Wales, Wales)
"Children’s Right to play: an exploration of the Play Sufficiency Duty in Wales: perspectives from research and practice"

10:15 am | Q & A Session

10:30 am | Frederico Pinho de Almeida (Cascais Municipality, Portugal)
“Cascais, play in an educating city”

10:50 am | Sandra Nascimento (ASPI [Child safety association], Portugal)
“Brincapé – walk, play and participate. A community-based project to promote play”

11:10 am | Laura Rodrigues (Torres Vedras Municipality, Portugal)
“Torres Vedras: Strategies to promote child play, physical activity and mobility”.

11:30 am | Q & A Session

12:00 pm | Lunch break

Session 5 - Moderator: Ana Paula Alves (Erasmus + National Agency, Portugal)
1:30 pm
| Frederico Lopes and Rita Cordovil (Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon, Portugal)
"MLO tools to promote children's outdoor play and learning: can you do it in your preschool?"

2:15 pm | Q & A Session

2:30 pm | Carlos Neto (Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon, Portugal)
"The importance of Outdoor play spaces in the making of little scientists"

3:15 pm | Q & A Session

3:30 pm | Closing of the Conference
Laura Rodrigues (Vice Mayor and Councillor for Education of Torres Vedras, Portugal)

*Presence to be confirmed