Matija Gubec preschool is located in Zagreb, in a neighborhood called Knežija which is located in the southwestern part of the city. There are three facilities with 12 groups located in Knežija, and one facility with five groups located in the neighborhood Rudes.

A total of 410 children is enrolled in all four facilities, aged 1-7 years, which are distributed in 17 regular group and two groups of preschool programs. The 12 kindergarten and 5 nursery groups conduct a full 10 hour program, and two groups conduct the pre-school program for a period of 250 hours per year. Children with special needs are included in the regular program, depending on their needs and abilities. The preschool employs 60 employees, out which there are 38 educators, 4 members of the professional team (pedagogue, speech therapist, psychologist and health manager) and director.

Our institution has a long experience in the field of education. Last year we celebrated 65 years establishment of the institution. The focus of our educational work is the child.

Through primary day curriculum we aim to encourage full development of the child by developing core competencies for lifelong learning. We conduct educational work in a democratic and tolerant atmosphere with an emphasis on respect for the rights of every child. We respect each child and create the conditions for quality development suited to their individual needs and specificities in development. We promote an inclusive approach through different models of inclusion of children with special needs in regular group program. When working with children, we and plan and conduct activities that encourage integrative learning based on the experience of the child, new experiences and resolving problem situations. We support education for sustainable development especially in the field of ecology. Environment of the child, particularly natural resources are the focus of our observations, research and learning. We underline the importance of cooperation with parents who are our partners and we inform them and include in the daily activities.

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Kindergarten Matije Gupca - Zagreb, Croatia