Naba is a private kindergarten which was opened in April 2005. Kindergarten has 4 groups (20 children per group), each group team consists of two teachers and one assistant teacher. In addition, there are music teacher, swimming teacher, physical-movement teacher, creative movement teacher and speech therapist working with children. A child-centered pedagogy is engaged in teaching process. Altogether there are 24 employees and 80 children in the kindergarten.

Kindergarten is located in a naturally beautiful and versatile environment of Pirita - beside a pine forest, near the Pirita river valley and a ten-minute walk from the sea. Naba's yard is provided with attraction for children of different age. In addition, Naba children can use the backyard (also called as a natural area) where there are plenty of room for athletic activities, natural observations and for creative play. For these purposes the backyard has a playhouse, berry bushes and sports means. In the backyard there is also "a stump circle" that enables outdoor learning. We use and organize a lot of outdoor activities with our provided neighborhood environment.

Kindergarten's house is divided into two wings - the North Pole and the South Pole. Each of the poles has two groups. In addition to the dining room, music and sports hall Naba has a swimming pool that allows kindergarten children to learn to swim.

In Naba we focus on: project learning, outdoor learning, health promotion, value development, effective teamwork.

We actively collaborate with Tallinn University (Teacher training Department). They have forwarded us with the task of doing trainings for teachers all-around in Estonia on outdoor development and practical activities with children. We use our grounds, here in Naba and also the nearby forest/seaside in order to practically do all the games and tutorial activities with the teachers. That is how we share our successful know-how on outdoor movement and activities with others.

Every group teacher in our Kindergarten are very active on using outdoor games and movement as a teaching and active movement method. We value highly that the part of the training and movement with children must be done outside as much as possible.

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Kindergarten Naba - Tallinn, Estonia