First week of training of the Moving and Learning Outside project took place in Norway

From January 28th to February 1st, the partners of the “Moving and Learning Outside” project met in Trondheim, Norway, for the first week of training of the kindergarten teachers involved in the initiative.

During this meeting there was a training session on how to create conditions and develop skills for children to play and learn outdoors. There were also guided visits to three kindergartens, where the trainees could be part of the daily routine of children and preschool teachers.

There were also 12 activities that will be included in a manual that will be conceived by the project, with didactic-pedagogical resources for kindergarten teachers to develop with the children, involving the families and the kindergarten staff.

The meeting was attended by all partners involved in the project: Queen Maud University (Norway), Naba Kindergarten (Estonia), Matije Gupka Kindergarten (Croatia), NGO Playing (Greece), Torres Vedras Municipality (Portugal), Conquinha II Kindergarten-Group of Schools Madeira Torres (Portugal) and Faculty of Human Kinetics-University of Lisbon (Portugal).

The second week of training is now being prepared and will take place in Torres Vedras, from March 18th to 22th. The training pretends to put to practice the 12 activities discussed in Norway, in order to close the contents for the manual.

This project was born from an application for the European Union’s Erasmus + program and seeks to promote new educational strategies where the movement and enjoyment of outer space is central to the overall development of preschool children.

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