Tallin hosted the second transnational meeting of the MLO program

The second transnational meeting of the Erasmus + European program “MLO – Moving and Learning Outside” was held in Tallin, Estonia, on the 6th and 7th of September. This project, leaded by the Municipality of Torres Vedras, is made of the Group of Schools Madeira Torres Vedras – Kindergarten and Basic School Conquinha and the Faculty of Human Kinetics (Portugal), the Kindergarten Matije Gupca (Croatia), the Kindergarten Naba (Estonia), the NGO Playing (Greece) and the Queen Maud University College (Norway).

As the MLO program is based in the promotion of the practice of outdoor education through a pedagogical approach of plays and physical activities during the preschool age, this meeting was focused on the presentation of the results of the investigation on the activities made up by the children of the partner kindergartens, under the perception of the families, the educators and the children themselves. Beyond the obvious differences between generations, especially in what concerns to playgrounds, since the majority of the parents used to play outdoors more than their children nowadays, the differences between the countries are also visible. The use of outdoor spaces in adverse conditions, as in situations marked by cold or rain, are more often in the northern countries of the consortium, such as Norway. The children, in their choices about places and favourite plays, are unanimous in all partner countries, once their preferences are, mostly, about challenging plays where risk and adrenalin are the key.

During the meeting there were also presented the quality and project monitoring reports and the one concerning to risk management and conflict. At the end of the meeting, the discussion focused on the next steps for the two week training for the kindergarten teachers involved in the project. One will be held in Trondheim, Norway, between the 28th of January and the 1st of February of 2019, and the other in Torres Vedras, between the 18th and the 22nd of March of 2019.

After these trainings and till the end of the project, a manual of didactic resources of activities to be carried out with children, for kindergarten teachers and operational assistants, and a guide of orientations and recommendations for outdoor activities in preschool education will be created.

All the resources created in the frames of this project, as well as their development, can be found on this website.

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