Zagreb hosted the third transnational meeting of the MLO program

Between the 24th and 26th of September 2019 kindergarten Matije Gupca in Zagreb hosted 3rd transnational meeting of Erasmus+ project Moving and Learning Outside. The meeting was attended by all partners involved in the project: Queen Maud University (Norway), Naba Kindergarten (Estonia), Matije Gupca Kindergarten (Croatia), NGO Playing (Greece) , Torres Vedras Municipality (Portugal), Conquinha II Kindergarten-Group of Schools Madeira Torres (Portugal) and Faculty of Human Kinetics-University of Lisbon (Portugal).

The main goal was to continue work on previous project activities, specifically aiming on evaluations of implemented 12 activities which were carried out in all partners’ preschool facilities.The venue for this meeting was the City of Youth (Grad mladih) which was carefully selected by the organizer. The Kindergarten Matije Gupca wanted to bring the attention of all participants to the possibilities of the program “Children in Nature” which is intended for children of preschool age in the city of Zagreb, where children spend a week in nature with their educators.

On the first day of our meeting, our partners Rita Cordovil and Frederico Lopes (the Faculty of Human Kinetics-University of Lisbon- Portugal) analyzed and presented the results of evaluations of activities collected from all countries over the past months. The evaluations were completed by the caretakers and parents of all institutions participating in the project. We have also worked on the preparation of national (Greece, Estonia and Croatia) and transnational conference (Portugal). For the International Conference in Portugal, to be held on March 27 and 28, 2020, Torres Vedras Municipality presented the draft programme with the Keynote Speakers already confirmed.

On the second day of our meeting, the partners were in the Kindergarten Matije Gupca where they got to know the pedagogical practice of kindergarten during their outdoor stay and also more about the educational system in Croatia.
During their stay in Zagreb, all partners also visited the City Office for Education, which is particularly interested in Erasmus + projects and their benefits for improving the work of educational institutions.

In the following period we will continue with project activities as well as the preparation of our national and transnational conferences with the results we have gathered during the project.

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