Second Meeting (September 2018) – Estonia

Host: Naba kindergarten


The second meeting was held at the Natural Museum of Tallinn on the 6th and 7th of September 2018.

The Faculty of Human Kinetics (University of Lisbon) presented the research findings of the questionnaires for parents and preschool teachers, as well as the finding of the research on use of the outdoor spaces by children. Partners engaged in a very lively and productive discussion. The findings of the research, are going to inform the development of the 12 outdoor activities for preschool children.

During the break partners visited the Natural Museum and they had the opportunity to experience a short virtual reality show about underwater life since prehistoric times.

After the break, organizational issues were discussed as well as ways to disseminate the project.

On the second day, partners visited Naba kindergarten. Partners toured the indoor and the outdoor spaces. They also had the chance to follow the children in an activity in the nearby forest.

After the noon break, partners discussed their ideas and suggestions about the development of outdoor activities and organised the next steps for the project.

The meeting was completed in a very friendly atmosphere!